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The reviews are out, let's see what a few of my clients have to say.

" I am a client of Brett Stump, he has personally seen the progress his stretch techniques have done for me. 2016 was the year from the pit of hell for me. I have happily worked as a highly rated, dual PHDs, published ARNP PHD for over 30 years. A cancer cluster hit our medical office with a vengeance in 2016. Three female staff members died that year. My cancer was metastatic to my blood stream. I had extremely strong chemo and radiation after 3 surgeries that did not get it all. My prognosis was worse than poor. I spent most of 2016 and all of 2017 sitting in a recliner praying to die. I had less than 50% use of my body the neuropathy was intense. I know Brett was heaven sent for me. He really worked with me and on every muscle in my body. I walked 2 miles one day last week. I did it all of my own  ADL's [ Activity of daily living]!  I was about ready for assisted living. Brett just plain old figured out what would benefit me. Greatest blessing of my life. I thank God that he was exactly what I needed."

Thank you,

Elaine H



"I have been going to see Brett for body stretching since January.  This was my first time for anything like this.  I always knew the benefits of stretching but working with Brett surpassed my expectations.  I feel leaner than ever before.  My flexibility has improved tremendously.  I just overall feel better.  I highly recommend anyone at any age to work with Brett."

Mary K









Hello Public,

" I would be honored to present to you, Brett Stump, my trainer specializing in stretching. He is marvelous, very gentle in his methods of stretching every muscle in the body. He has improved my range of motion, and also my morning stiffness. I feel overall free from negatives that would hold me back from a productive, active life and I am 81 years old!

Sincerely recommending his giftedness, talent, and character."


Audrey T
B.A. ,M.A., and ED.SP.

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