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At Stretch Life, you'll never be treated as just another number. Trust me, I know what it feels like to go into a large therapy facility and have someone have you do exercises off a sheet of paper while the therapists talk among themselves. My surgeon allowed me to do the rest of my own recovery and I swore that I would make a difference for people who truly needed it. My greatest accomplishment is having a bedridden man become independent again after being sent home only able to move by a hoyer lift and wheel chair. His lead therapist from his facility came to his house to meet me and said "Good luck, he has zero core strength." He accepted my challenge and the rest was history. Never think it's too late! 


My vision is to help as many people as possible have a better quality of life.  We live in a time where the accepted version of this world is being over worked and overwhelmed by stress and pain. The less we move our bodies through their full range of motion, the tighter our bodies become. This tightness along with muscle weakness leads to over compensations which in turn lead to imbalances and pain. It's our bodies natural instinct to stretch. Look at animals or babies and how they stretch automatically upon waking up or not moving for long periods of time. I'm dedicated to help those who want to help themselves feel better and perform to their maximum ability.  I not only want to work with athletes and exercise enthusiasts, my greatest joy comes from helping those that find their energy levels and bodies tired and depleted all the time.


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