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Welcome to Stretch Life!

Are you feeling stiff and tired? My assisted stretch therapy techniques are a natural solution to increase your range of motion, boost energy, decrease pain and improve your overall performance. There is a reason why professional athletes do assisted stretching, give it a try for yourself.

Hi, My name is Brett Stump and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer who has relocated to Dandridge, Tennessee. I've worked with countless individuals from pro athletes to clients that are bedridden and initially needed a hoyer lift to move out of bed. I have over 30 years of fitness experience and my clients range in age from 12-83. I was the #1 Stretch Provider in South Florida out of 45 locations and also recommended for "Stretch Provider of the Year" for the largest therapeutic company in the country with 1200+ locations. I will do a few assessments on you and customize my services to best meet your needs. I can also incorporate exercises to help you strengthen the weak muscles that cause over compensations and imbalances which are typically the root cause of your pain.


Along with assisted stretching and strength exercises,  I have a couple extra modalities to help relieve problem areas too. I use devices such as a percussion massage gun and cupping therapy (aka Myofascial depcompression) which help release trigger points and reach areas deeper within your body's connective tissue and muscles

If you're looking to feel better with less pain then give me a call. I will even come to you.


Assisted Stretch by Personal Trainer
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